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Named after Akeso, the goddess of healing wounds and curing illness. Unlike her sister Panakeia, she represented the process of curing rather than the cure itself.


This mask cover features padded straps, filter clips, embedded wire, and a surprising amount of comfort. Made in single and half-double crochet for strength and stability, these masks are reinforced and meant to hold up and stay sturdy over time. This mask cover can be worn as a cute cover for a filtered mask, or you can attach your own filter to clips on the interior. I will work with you to create a fit that is perfect for your shape, so please include your measurements (from back of left ear, across bridge of nose, to back of right ear) when ordering!




1. This is a mask cover, not a filtered mask.

2. This mask cover does not come with an included filter, but you can easily make your own from a piece of fabric, coffee filter, paper towel, or combination of the three. The mask has soft clips on the interior to attach any fiter you'd like.

3. Mask covers with and without filters are not proven to stop the spread of any disease or virus. You must use a filter or CDC-approved mask for full protection.

Akeso Mask Cover

  • This handmade mask should be hand washed with light detergent. Some stretching may occur, but it'll just make it more comfy.

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