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flower crochet coaster - free pattern

These coasters are versatile, fun, and can be made in many colors and sizes. This pattern can also be used as an appliqué or trivet! This pattern is also available as a physical object and PDF.

This pattern is written in American crochet terminology.


YARN: Any 4 weight yarn

HOOK: Size H8 - 5.00mm crochet hook

GAUGE: No need to meet gauge for this pattern!


ABBREVIATIONS: ch - Chain sl st - Slip Stitch hdc - Half-Double Crochet

dc - Double Crochet

NOTES: ( ) - Numbers in parentheses at the end of a row = total stitch count

[ ] - Directions in brackets = repeat this section

Step 1: Make a slip knot with color A, and ch 2.

Step 2: Chain 2, dc 12 into first stitch. Sl st into last ch. (12)

Step 3: Ch 2, (2 dc) into each st. Sl st into last ch. (24)

Step 4: Ch 2, (2 dc into first stitch, dc into next stitch). Repeat ( ) until end of row. (36)

Step 5: If using same color for petals, DO NOT CUT YARN and continue to Step 6. If using a different color, cut yarn now and switch to color B. For more rigid petals, switch to a hook 1-2 sizes smaller.

Step 6: Insert yarn into first stitch, ch 4. Hdc into second ch from hook, then hdc into next two stitches. Sk st, then ch into second st from hook.

Step 7: Repeat (Step 6) 17 times, or until end of row. Cut yarn, and pull end through loop.

Congrats! You're done!

If you liked this pattern, please share with your friends! I'd love to see your makes, tag #flowercrochetcoaster or #aacrochet and I'll keep updated on your wonderful work!

Happy crafting,

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